20 March 2012 United Nations Marking the Day of Naworoz


        On Tuesday March 20th, a celebration was held in the United Nations marking the Day of Naworoz. The Republic of Iraq was one of the countries co-sponsoring the event in the General Assembly Hall. 

H.E Ambassador Hamid Al Bayati made a statement in which he congratulated all people who celebrate the day of Naworoz across the world. Ambassador Al Bayati pointed out that in Iraq Naworoz is a day that is celebrated by all Iraqis especially the Kurds in the Kurdistan region in Northern Iraq. He mentioned that Naworoz is a uniting holiday for all Iraqis because all Iraqis celebrate the holiday by visiting family members and going outdoors. At the conclusion of his statement, Ambassador Al Bayati wished the attendees and all people of earth peace, harmony and prosperity.

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